Fantastic SVGs and Where to Find Them

WordCamp Ottawa Presentation

This week I had the great pleasure of speaking at WordCamp Ottawa 2017. It was a great conference with 2-days of WordPress talks, a great venue and lots of friendly people.

At WordCamp Ottawa, I spoke about SVGs and how to use them in your WordPress site. I ended the presentation with a collection of great resources where anyone could download free SVG icons and illustrations to get started using SVGs in their WordPress site today!

Presentation Feedback

At the end of each presentation, attendees had the option to fill out a short feedback form.

Here’s what people thought of my presentation:

Enthusiastic and great examples”

“Very knowledgable

“Lots of examples. Good speaker, fun + well prepared

Excellent presentation! Well done!”

Download my slides

Thank you for everyone who attended! I really enjoyed talking about and spreading the wonderful word of SVGs! If you weren’t able to attend you can download a PDF version of my slides here.

Plugins and SVG resources

Here are a couple of links to plugins and resources that I mentioned during the talk:

Live Demos/Examples

Styling SVGs with CSS:

Animating SVGs with CSS:


  1. Hey Chris. I’m sorry I missed your session. Everyone I talked to said it was the one to be in. As a creative person i’m going to check out the slides and play around. Hopefully I will see you at some of the other word camps around (such as Toronto and Niagara).
    …. Jeffrey

    1. FYI for most people (ie: non-developers) I would recommend using the first plugin (SVG Support). You don’t need both plugins I listed in my slides, just pick one (choice is good)!

      I’ll definitely be at WordCamp Toronto in September! Hope to see you there!

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