LG 32″ 4K UHD Monitor Review

I’m coming up on 8 months of using this monitor and I think it’s time for a review of the LG 32-inch 4K Monitor (32UK550-B). I’ve been using this as my display every day for programming and gaming on the weekends. Below are my impressions of using this monitor and why you should buy it.

Quick Facts

  • Model #32UK550-B
  • 32-inch (31.5 is viewable)
  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160)
  • 60Hz
  • Two HDMI 2.0, One DisplayPort
  • Tested with a 2017 Macbook Pro, PlayStation 5 and Xbox
  • Used for programing, web surfing and 4K gaming

What I like

Easy Setup

Putting the monitor together was super easy and fast. The entire process took less than 5 minutes and no tools are required to attach the stand to the display.

Huge Display

When I first unboxed this monitor I was amazed at its huge 32-inch display.

The large display allowed me to have plenty of space to work with. I was able to have a large browser window with Chrome DevTools open while having a Word or Excel document open beside it.

Height and Tilt Adjustments

The monitor stand allows height and tilt adjustments, but I mainly use the height adjustment for more comfortable viewing while sitting. When it’s raised at the maximum height I can clearly & comfortably see my 13-inch MacBook Pro display below this 4K monitor.

Matte Display

This display has a matte display, which means that reflections from light won’t appear on the display.

Good Selection of Ports

In the back of the monitor, there are two HDMI 2.0 ports and one DisplayPort. This selection of inputs allows me to plug in my MacBook Pro, PlayStation 5, and Xbox all into one single monitor.

Built in Stereo Speakers

There are built-in stereo speakers included in this monitor. This is very useful when I don’t want to wear headphones while gaming. I’m not an audiophile but according to my ears, I think the built-in speakers sound pretty good in games and for casual listening.

Easy to Use Controls

Underneath the LG logo, you will find a single joystick that can be rotated and clicked in. You can use this to adjust the monitor’s settings (brightness, contrast, volume, etc) and switch between the three inputs easily. It’s also really quick and easy (just flick the joystick left or right!) to adjust the volume for the monitors included speakers.

What I dislike


You’ll need to use a USB-C to HDMI or USB-C to DisplayPort adapter/dongle to use this monitor with a MacBook Pro. You can’t have a nice clean setup while using a USB-C cable for display output and charging.

Cable Management

There is an included bracket for cable management behind the monitor but it’s not very good. I recommend using some velcro straps or twist ties to visually clean up the cables. There’s also no way to feed and hide the cables inside of the monitor stand itself.

Final Thoughts

This is a great all-around monitor with 4K HDR support! Good for programming, web surfing and works great with gaming consoles. Buy this monitor if you want a great multi-use 4K monitor for productivity & gaming!

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