Allow access to the WordPress REST API on GoDaddy

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I was recently working on a WordPress site hosted on GoDaddy. The problem that I was encountering was a persistent “Welcome to the block editor” modal every time I loaded the Block Editor.

I don’t need to see this every time!


  • In the browser console, I noticed an internal server error for the wp/v2/users endpoint.
  • I logged into GoDaddy hosting and looked at the Real Time firewall log and noticed that the GoDaddy firewall was blocking my IP from requesting that WordPress REST API endpoint.
    • Website Security and Backups > Firewall > Real Time
  • To temporarily fix my issue & test a fix I proceeded to add to IP to the Allow IP Addresses under Access Control
    • Website Security and Backups > Firewall > Settings > Access Control > Allow IP Addresses


Allowing my IP addressed fixed my issue temporarily but this was not a permanent solution as I have a dynamic IP.

Here’s how you can permanently allow GoDaddy to access the WordPress REST API:

  • Under Website Security and Backups, click on the website you want to manage
  • Under Firewall, click on Details
  • Click on Settings
  • Click on Access Control
  • Click Allow URL Paths
  • In the input field add /wp/v2/ and click Allow


  1. Excellent article, a great help, I’m experiencing this in a Godaddy site, when trying to create an application password. The blocked URL is /wp-json/wp/v2/users/{$user_number}/application-passwords?_locale=user – I’ll try your steps. Odd that it only seems to block the whole url (starting from the user number). It works fine in the path before that.

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